Brides these days have choices.

They can either take out a second mortgage to afford a dream wedding dress or cut out the middle man and buy from an online wedding store.

An Australian designed wedding dress of the same quality as a high end shop front can be found online for about a third of the price.

Spending $1000 instead of $3000 provides a huge saving towards a wedding venue, honeymoon or a deposit on a house.

Tips for safe online buying

Here are some guidelines to follow when buying from an online wedding store 

  • Ensure you're buying from a secure site. A safe way to buy is through Paypal as this payment gateway offers extra protection to the buyer if the goods are not as described or ask the seller if you can pay a deposit and the rest after you see a photograph of your completed dress.  A good online wedding store isn't so busy that they can't provide this service.
  • Check with the retailer (a phone call is best) that the dress you are buying is exactly the same as the sample and that the picture photographed is the actual sample of the dress that is being sold.
  • Buy from a website with .au on the end, so that you are covered under Australia's consumer protection laws. These give you the same rights as when you are buying from a physical retail outlet.  

Make the comparison

These Australian designed gowns from the GC bridal lounge online wedding store all cost between $1000 and $1200. Our customers tell us they can't tell the difference between our gowns and dresses that retail at three times the price.     



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